Friday, July 4, 2014

Drill down Charts in Power View

Yes, we can have drill down charts in Power View.

Suppose we have below data set:

Steps to create drill down Bar chart:

1.       Change type of this table to matrix

2.       On changing type to matrix table is displayed as below:

3.       Now set levels property of matrix to ‘Row – Enable Drill Down One Level at a Time’

4.       This will make table look like:

5.       When we double click on any cell in product column then it drill downs to its respective years:

6.       Clicking on up arrow will again take you back to Product Level

7.       Now we can convert this table to either Pie chart, Bar chart or Column chart from standard option given in    Design menu.

8.       Double clicking on any of bar will drill down to year level :

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  1. Awesome post. I have read your other posts as well and you seem to be quite up to date with the technology.